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CITIGO technical specs

Car Dimensions

Outer and inner dimensions, boot volume


Other safety features

The ŠKODA CITIGO delivers safety without compromise. This compact supermini was awarded five stars in a Euro NCAP crash test in 2011 for its exemplary safety features. Besides the safety systems outlined above, the following features are available as standard or an option in the CITIGO:

EDL boosts acceleration or uphill driving in response to low traction under one of the driven wheels.

ABS keeps the wheels from locking during emergency braking or when braking on slippery surfaces.

MSR counters the locking action of the driving wheels, which can occur when the driver decelerates on a smooth surface.

› By increasing the braking pressure, the braking assistant helps drivers in situations in which emergency braking is necessary. This can significantly reduce the braking distance required.

› The ASR ensures smooth starting and acceleration without the wheels spinning on slippery surfaces.

Electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring keeps the driver informed of tyre pressure at all times.

Flashing brake lights reduce the risk of rear-end impact, especially when approaching traffic jams on highways or suddenly braking in front of an unexpected obstacle.