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Over-the-Air Update

Functional restrictions

Skoda Connect

Over-the-Air Updates are sent to the vehicle via ŠKODA Connect: Online System Update service. An Over-the air Update can be delivered to the vehicle only if:

• The vehicle has a primary user, in which case the vehicle is visible in MySkoda for the primary user and the primary user is visible to the vehicle (Menu -> Users)
• Online Mode is enabled (ON) in the privacy settings (Menu -> Users -> Settings).


The vehicle cannot be driven.

The user must leave the vehicle and lock it for the installation to start:

• If the vehicle is not locked within ten minutes of the Install button being pressed, the update will not be completed.
• If the vehicle is reapproached and unlocked, it must be locked again within two minutes, otherwise the update will not be completed. The same applies if the function automatically unlocking the vehicle when the key is detected approaching is enabled.

KESSY locking/unlocking of the vehicle is disabled, the remote (central) control remains functional throughout the process.

Safelock will not be enabled (the doors can still be opened from the inside).

Comfort Opening is disabled (central locking will be unlocked, but the windows stay closed).

Coming/Leaving Home will not be activated (all lights stay off).

The alarm is deactivated, the LED on the doors continues to flash (until the door control unit is updated).


When charging is active, the install button is not available.

When the update is active, charging cannot be activated.

If the vehicle is plugged into a Wallbox, the charging process will automatically start after the Over-the-Air Update has finished.

If the vehicle is plugged into a public charging station with authentication, the charging process WILL NOT start after the Over-the-Air Update.