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Car Dimensions


Safety features

The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is all about safety without compromise. Besides the safety systems already described, the following features are available as standard or an option:

Isofix and Top Tether anchorage points to fasten a child seat to the second-row outboard seats and alternatively the front-passenger seat.
› Unlike cruise control, which maintains a set speed, the Speed limiter allows the driver to travel at any speed up to, but not more than, the predefined value.
ABS keeps the wheels from locking during emergency braking or when braking on slippery surfaces.
› By increasing the braking pressure, the HBA braking assist helps drivers in situations in which emergency braking is necessary. This can lead to a significant reduction in the braking distance required.
EBD automatically optimizes braking pressure and the overall braking balance and prevents overbraking of the rear wheels.
RBC (Regenerative Braking Control) counters the locking action of the driving wheels, which can occur when the driver decelerates on a smooth surface.
› The ASR ensures smooth starting and acceleration without the wheels spinning on slippery surfaces.
EDL helps when accelerating or driving uphill with low traction under one of the driven wheels.
TSA operates when the vehicle is equipped with an original towing device with its own control unit. The system works on the principle of braking one or more wheels and simultaneously reducing electric motor torque as necessary. The TSA system intervenes and helps stabilize the car and the trailer.
XDS+ helps the driver during sharp turns and ensures that the vehicle behaves neutrally during dynamic cornering. The control electronics essentially simulate the presence of a self-locking differential to improve traction and driving dynamics during turns. As a result, the vehicle will take bends much more assuredly and naturally.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring TPM+ keeps the driver informed of the tyre pressure at all times.
› The Autohold function prevents unintended movement of the vehicle (regardless of the road inclination) when stopping or starting, without the brake pedal having to be depressed. The brakes are released automatically when the driver operates the accelerator pedal. With the Autohold function the brakes act on both axles.

Drive and steering

All-wheel drive

The electric motor mounted on the rear axle can be supplemented by a second electric motor on the front axle. This turns the ENYAQ iV into an all-wheel drive.

The front-wheel drive is engaged and disengaged completely automatically and drivers can influence the behaviour of the all-wheel drive system to a certain degree by their choice of driving mode – Sport, Eco, Comfort or Traction.

The 4×4 drive uses only slightly more energy than rear-wheel drive. This extra power consumption can mainly be attributed to the extra weight placed on the vehicle by the additional front engine. This all-wheel drive design is more energy efficient than the conventional arrangement with a centre inter-axle differential and universal joint.

All-wheel drive is only available with the largest (82 kWh) battery.

Dynamic Chassis Control with Driving Mode Select

For maximum driving pleasure, the ENYAQ iV can be fitted with Dynamic Chassis Control, incorporating Driving Mode Select. As such, the car offers several modes that change both the stiffness of the shock absorbers and other vehicle settings. Reconfiguring the car from a comfortable, relaxed mode to a dynamic, sporty setting is as easy as pressing a button.

The Dynamic Chassis Control continuously monitors, evaluates and responds to current driving behaviour (braking, acceleration, turning) and adapts the damping characteristics depending on the set mode for each wheel individually and independently.

Sports chassis

The sports chassis features stiffer suspension with springs complemented by specific sporty shock absorbers offering extraordinary responsiveness and dynamic driving properties. It is 15 mm lower on the front axle and 10 mm lower on the rear axle.

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is a process where the vehicle’s kinetic energy is converted into electricity, which is then stored in the high-voltage battery. Therefore, it makes efficient use of energy and helps to increase the electric vehicle’s range by partially charging the battery on the way.

Regenerative braking takes place in various driving situations and has several modes that may be changed at any time. The intensity of regenerative braking force can be set manually by the driver, or automatically by the car’s driving unit.

Progressive steering

This feature provides the ENYAQ iV with better handling and agility in curves. The progressive steering changes ratio depending on how far the wheel is turned.

Self-sealing tyres

The car is fitted as standard with a tyre repair kit or with tyres designed to seal damaged treads immediately without any loss of pressure as standard for 20" and 21" wheels.