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December 31, 1
We support cycling with smart car design, clever accessories and inspirational content for cyclists and their next ride.

Now more than ever, women are cycling. From the need for speed, the joy of the freewheel, or to test your own grit ÔÇô the source of each womanÔÇÖs passion is personal. ThatÔÇÖs why ┼áKODA created ÔÇťWhy We RideÔÇŁ, to celebrate the heroines of the sport ÔÇô and by sharing their passion, to further inspire female cyclists.

How-to Videos

Passion brings challenges. ThatÔÇÖs why ┼áKODA supports cyclists of all levels, from fitting the bikes into the car boot, to finding the right cycling route. ┼áKODA design features, such as VarioFlex seating, our range of car accessories for bikes, and how-to videos are all designed for a seamless ride.

ŠKODA KAROQ for cycling and more

The ┼áKODA KAROQ offers several options for bike transportation, safely and comfortably. Mounting a ┼áKODA roof rack to the top allows four bikes to be carried side-by-side. The rack can fit any size tyre and most frames comfortably. The rack is easy to mount, made from lightweight aluminium, and features a secure lock so you can relax about leaving your bikes on the roof. You can also take comfort from ┼áKODAÔÇÖs stringent product testing, which ensures the roof rack meets all recommended safety standards.

To carry your bike inside the car, take advantage of one of the KAROQÔÇÖs most celebrated features: its VarioFlex seating system. The rear passenger seats can be rearranged, folding down individually or lifting out altogether to adjust the space to fit your bikes. As the video shows, the ┼áKODA KAROQ leaves more than enough room for several passengers, their bikes, and even their luggage.

ŠKODA Cars for Cycling

Our cycling magazine, WeLoveCycling.com, shares our passion with the cycling community. This love affair with cycling began 120 years ago, when ┼áKODAÔÇÖs founders, engineers named Laurin and Klement, designed a series of innovative bicycles. As technology advanced, they designed cars. We have kept up this connection ever since.

┼áKODAÔÇÖs design features, including spacious boots, four-wheel drive options, and VarioFlex seating, accessories like bike carriers and mud-proofing, and full connectivity with maps and cycling apps, are all designed to take cyclists wherever they want to go ÔÇô from casual cycling, to the greatest heights of the sport. To us, cars and bikes simply belong together.


┼áKODAÔÇÖs vehicle accessories are designed to transport your bikes safely and simply. Select your ┼áKODA Dealer to choose from interior accessories, a roof-mounted bike carrier, a rear carrier, and more.

Our Cycling Collection includes bikes and accessories for cycling. Select your ŠKODA Dealer to choose from helmets, gloves, jerseys, glasses, and more.

ŠKODA Bicycles

The ┼áKODA bicycles range encompasses of 13 models ÔÇô from childrenÔÇÖs bikes to racing bikes, mountain bikes, folding and retro bikes through to e-bikes.


Like you, we have many a side hobby and our most favourite one is cycling. We strive to create quality and compact cycling-focused content and to cover all topics and aspects of our beloved sport. Anyone is welcome on our platform and we work towards supporting and informing riders of all walks of life to dispel the myth that cycling isnÔÇÖt for everyone.

ThatÔÇÖs why weÔÇÖve decided to give the limelight to the ladies this time ÔÇô a generally underrepresented group in the cycling world. Want to know how? Pay a visit to WeLoveCycling.com to find out all about it.

ŠKODA at the Tour

For the last 15 years, ┼áKODA has partnered the Tour de France. On every inch of the Tour, ┼áKODA cars provide safety and mechanical support. The iconic ÔÇťRed CarÔÇŁ is a ┼áKODA SUPERB.

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