10. srpna 2016
The ŠKODA KODIAQ makes a strong statement with an impressive combination of powerful design, generous space, great functionality, state-of-the art assistance systems and innovative connectivity solutions.


The All-New ŠKODA KODIAQ was revealed to the world for the very first time in Berlin on September 1. One of the year’s most anticipated automotive unveilings was being hosted on a special LIVE stream, starting 19:00 CEST, so you could bear witness to this unique event.

Powerful design

As the design sketch already shows, all lines are clear, precise and sharp; the highly recessed shoulder line highlights the large ŠKODA SUV’s robust character. Flat, raked headlights are positioned on both sides of the wide ŠKODA grille. Their crystalline structure pays hommage to Czech crystal glass art, which is steeped in tradition.

Generous space

The extensively sculptured rear section also accentuates the ŠKODA KODIAQ's sporty, robust SUV character. The LED rear lights are designed in the brand's typical C-shape, continuing the ŠKODA SUV design lines in great detail. The side view is equally as strong. The long wheelbase and short overhangs point to the spacious interior. The SUV is available with two extra seats in the third row as an optional extra.

Let’s Reconnect

As any parent will know, children are intensely curious. They’re always asking questions! And if we can’t give them the answers, they lose interest. At ŠKODA, we believe that if we lose an interest in the natural world we face being disconnected with what really matters. The best way to reconnect is to rediscover the natural world around us with family and friends. And the all-new ŠKODA Kodiaq is designed to enable you to do just that.

Let’s Play a Game

Names matter. That’s why we take great care in naming our cars – like the all-new ŠKODA KODIAQ. We also understand the importance of knowing the names of things, especially in nature.

If we lose an appreciation of the natural world, we face being disconnected with what really matters. Can you recognise an Ash from an Aspen? Play the Name Game and find out.

Alaskan city renames itself

How would you react if a carmaker from another continent came to your city and proposed changing its name? Surprised? Bemused? Or perhaps delighted that, finally, your hometown was getting some long-overdue recognition worldwide?

May 6th, 2016 Kodiak, Alaska became Kodiaq to coincide with the official announcement of our all-new SUV. A film crew was there to document the remarkable story of the change.

When the good people of Kodiak were told a car was to be named after their island (and its bear) they were delighted – until they were told there was a little catch involving the letter ‘q’. This film shows the surprising story of the name change. And even if it was just for a day, the event has created a bond between ŠKODA and the great people of Kodiak City that’s set to last.

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