March 3, 2020
New character, new technology, new name: with the ŠKODA SCALA, the Czech brand is extending its offering in the popular compact car segment.

The all-new model offers a high level of active and passive safety, full-LED headlights and tail lights, plenty of space for luggage and passengers, as well as numerous Simply Clever features. Four engine variants are available ranging from 115BHP to 150BHP. The five-door hatchback combines its emotive design with a high degree of functionality and state-of-the-art connectivity. Key elements include a central display positioned high up in the driverÔÇÖs field of vision and a redesigned instrument panel.

What seems like a normal urban graffiti area has its own story and is named after John Lennon. The singer was a hero of Czechoslovakian youth because, during communism in former Czechoslovakia, western music was banned. Since that time, the colourful wall of street art in Mal├í Strana in Prague, has been a symbol of the importance of oneÔÇÖs own opinion and the courage to express oneÔÇÖs convictions freely. Czech street artist Chemis and New York-based photographer and influencer Dave Krugman, who have combined the symbolism of this place in a surprising way with the new ┼áKODA SCALA, met here to create a spectacular video. They gave the new compact model the leading role in a unique piece of street artwork. In addition to the video, you can also find photos and interviews with the protagonists on ┼áKODA Storyboard.


The new ┼áKODA interior concept follows the direction set by the ┼áKODA VISION RS concept car. The new ┼áKODA SCALA marks the first time this emotive design has been translated into a ┼áKODA production model. The completely redesigned instrument panel blends seamlessly with the exciting exterior design. The free-standing display is positioned high up and framed by a design line that echoes the contours of the bonnet; below the display, it also creates an ergonomic wrist rest for operating the touchscreen. The instrument panelÔÇÖs and door trimsÔÇÖ soft-foam surfaces feature large-scale design textures and a specific new grain. This emulates crystalline structures and will define the ┼áKODA brandÔÇÖs style in future.

Ambient lighting with a choice of white or red light as well as warm hues and contrasting stitching for the seat upholstery ensure a pleasant sense of space in the ┼áKODA SCALA. As an option, customers can order seat upholstery made from the sophisticated Suedia microfibre. In typical ┼áKODA style, the interior provides a tremendous amount of space. This is due to the carÔÇÖs long wheelbase of 2,649 millimetres, which allows for a luxurious 73 millimetres of knee room on the rear seats, equivalent to that in the ┼áKODA OCTAVIA. Rear headroom, at 982 millimetres, is the largest in its class. At 467 litres, the ┼áKODA SCALA also boasts the biggest luggage compartment in this segment. With the rear backrest folded down, its volume increases to 1,410 litres.

Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design at ┼áKODA AUTO, says: ÔÇťThe new ┼áKODA SCALA is the first production model to feature our new interior concept, introducing an updated design language alongside new colours and materials. Its premiere in the SCALA marks the beginning of a new brand identity for ┼áKODA, which is as emotive as it is functional.ÔÇŁ

The focal point of the interior concept in the ┼áKODA SCALA is the display ÔÇô with a size of up to 9.2 inches, itÔÇÖs the largest in this vehicle segment and perfectly positioned in the driverÔÇÖs and front passengerÔÇÖs field of vision. This free-standing, central display is framed by a character line that echoes the emotive contours of the bonnet. Below the display, this line also creates an ergonomic wrist rest for operating the touchscreen.

The controls for the air conditioning in the centre console and the buttons for the start/stop system, Driving Mode Select and Park Assist right in front of the gear shift lever are likewise well placed and within comfortable reach. The lateral air vents extend into the doors and amplify the visual impression of width, adding to the generous sense of space.

The dashboard and front door trim panels feature a sophisticated soft-foam surface with a specific new grain texture. This emulates crystalline structures and will define the ┼áKODA brandÔÇÖs style in the future.


With the SCALA, ┼áKODA is presenting the new emotive exterior and interior design language for the first time in a production model. It already attracted attention at the Paris Motor Show with the VISION RS. With the new model, the long-established Czech brand has also taken a big step in terms of technology. The name SCALA, which comes from the Latin meaning ÔÇśstairsÔÇÖ or ÔÇśladdersÔÇÖ, therefore fits perfectly. With the SCALA, the ┼áKODA brand has climbed several rungs on the development ladder. It perfectly embodies a set of brand values which can be summarised very well under the term ÔÇśsmart understatementÔÇÖ.

New sculptural shapes, dynamic elements and precise features lend the vehicle an emotive and authentic appearance with a strong identity of its own. As the first ┼áKODA model, the new ┼áKODA SCALA is characterized by the next development stage of the ┼áKODA design language, which will be also present in all future ┼áKODA models. The new SCALA is also the first ┼áKODA production model in Europe to bear ÔÇś┼áKODAÔÇÖ in block lettering on the tailgate instead of the ┼áKODA logo.


Despite its compact dimensions, the ŠKODA SCALA offers a generous amount of space in the interior for a vehicle in the compact car segment. The new compact model measures 4,362 mm in length, is 1,793 mm wide, and 1,471 mm high. The long wheelbase of 2,649 mm gives the ŠKODA SCALA very good driving characteristics.

In terms of interior dimensions, the ŠKODA SCALA leaves nothing to be desired and is getting closer to the ŠKODA OCTAVIA. The kneeroom is 73 mm (73 mm for the ŠKODA OCTAVIA), elbow room in the rear is 1,425 mm (1,449 mm for the ŠKODA OCTAVIA) and head room in the rear is 982 mm (980 mm for the ŠKODA OCTAVIA). And in typical ŠKODA style, the ŠKODA SCALA has one of the largest boots in its segment with a capacity of 467 litres. With the rear seats folded down, the volume increases to 1,410 litres.


To complement the ┼áKODA SCALAÔÇÖs modern look, the latest digital technology is also integrated into the car. The ┼áKODA SCALA is best in class in terms of display size. The customisable Virtual Cockpit for instance, available as an option, measures 10.25 inches and allows drivers to choose between five different views. The available infotainment systems, based on the latest-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix, come with a touchscreen measuring up to 9.2 inches thatÔÇÖs positioned high up on the instrument panel, in the driverÔÇÖs immediate field of vision.

Thanks to a new generation of ┼áKODA Connect mobile online services, passengers will have the option of locking and unlocking the car using their mobile phone and updating the software of the infotainment or maps ÔÇśover the airÔÇÖ ÔÇô without the need to visit a dealership. All delivered ┼áKODA SCALA cars are the first ┼áKODAs to be always online thanks to a built-in eSIM: this provides a high-speed LTE internet connection with no need for an additional SIM card or tethered connection via a smartphone. As standard, this eSIM will support the functionality of Emergency Call and Proactive Service.


Other characteristics include the innovative optional full-LED headlights and tail lights. The new compact car is the first ┼áKODA model to come with the rear dynamic indicator. Hidden beneath the rear bumper is an optional Simply Clever feature: an electrically retractable tow bar, which can be folded out using a button in the boot. Other features offered by the ┼áKODA SCALA include the ┼áKODA-typical umbrella compartment (incl. umbrella) in the driverÔÇÖs door and the ice scraper in the fuel filler flap, as well as the optional electric tailgate incl. tip-to-close function.


The ŠKODA SCALA comes with a choice of four different engines, all of which comply with the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. They include three petrol engines and one diesel. All of the engines come with direct injection and a turbocharger as well as Stop/Start technology and brake energy recovery.

The 85-kW (115 PS) 1.0 TSI is available with a manual 6-speed gearbox as standard or with an automatic 7-speed DSG as an option. The ┼áKODA SCALAÔÇÖs top-of-the-range petrol engine is the 1.5 TSI. This four-cylinder engine generates 110 kW (150 PS) and comes with a 7-speed DSG. All petrol engines are equipped with a particulate filter.

The four-cylinder 1.6 TDI with a power output of 85 kW (115 PS) produces 250 Nm of torque on the crankshaft; an SCR catalytic converter with AdBlue injection as well as a diesel particulate filter come as standard. It also complies with the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. The efficient diesel engine is coupled with a 7-speed DSG.

Even with the standard chassis setup, the new ŠKODA SCALA offers very safe and agile driving characteristics. The optional, new Sport Chassis Control, which offers two different tunings, provides even more individual options and sportiness. The chassis is 15 mm lower and, in addition to a Normal mode, also has a Sport mode with valve-adjustable shock absorbers that give the car a firmer ride. This provides a sportier driving experience and a more intensive connection with the road. Drivers can switch between the two settings via the Driving Mode Select menu.


Numerous driver assistance systems, working in combination with a variety of passive safety systems, ensure that the ┼áKODA SCALA offers a very high level of safety. One of the enhanced assistance systems available in the ┼áKODA SCALA is Side Assist. This optional system indicates to the driver when a vehicle is approaching from behind to overtake or is in the driverÔÇÖs blind spot. While the familiar Blind Spot Detect has a range of up to 20 m, Side Assist can detect vehicles up to 70 m away and can therefore also effectively warn the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways. Rear Traffic Alert is an integral part of the Side Assist function. The optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is equally designed for use during long motorway journeys and works at speeds up to 210 km/h. Lane Assist and Front Assist form part of the standard equipment. Front Assist including City Emergency Brake uses radar to monitor the area in front of the car while driving in the city and thus helps to prevent accidents. The optional Park Assist conveniently lends the driver a hand when parking ÔÇô it automatically manoeuvres the ┼áKODA SCALA into and out of parallel and bay parking spaces.


For safer driving and better visibility in darkness and bad weather, the ŠKODA SCALA will offer full-LED headlights and tail lights. In the interior, LED ambient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. A variety of passive safety systems increase the level of safety even further. If a collision is imminent, the optional proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist automatically shuts the windows at an early stage, and tensions the front seat belts. In the event of an accident, the ŠKODA SCALA protects occupants with up to nine airbags. In addition to the two front airbags for the driver and front passenger, the new compact model also features curtain airbags as well as the front seats side airbags; side airbags for the two rear passangers and knee airbag beneath the steering wheel are also available as an option. Following an accident, Multi-Collision Brake prevents the vehicle from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner. Emergency Call will automatically call for assistance when the airbags or belt tensioners for the occupants of the front seats have been deployed; it can, however, also be operated manually at any time.


The new ŠKODA SCALA transmits the emotive design language of the VISION RS study, which impressed at the Paris Motor Show, into a series-production vehicle.

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