How can I influence range of my Škoda iV?

Want to know how far you can drive your Škoda electric car on a single charge? Use our Range Calculator to get an idea of how the range might be affected by several significant factors, such as the weather, driving style or load.

What are my savings with Škoda iV?

The Fuel Savings tool calculates how much you can save on fuel with a ┼ákoda electric vehicle, compared to a vehicle equipped with the internal combustion engine. If you want to compare a ┼ákoda iV with the real driving data of your owned ┼ákoda car let's install My┼ákoda iV mobile app.

How fast and where can I charge my Škoda iV?

Are you interested in charging times of the ┼ákoda electric cars? Are you looking for the nearest Powerpass public chargers? Go to our Charging calculator to find out and browse the map of all the charging stations. You can also plan charging on your trips easily.

Which tariff to choose for your Powerpass?

Learn about all the Powerpass tariffs available and compare them so you can choose the best one for you.

How much will my Škoda cost?

Calculate the estimated cost of owning your Škoda based on your annual mileage and ownership period.

TCO calculates with parameters that may vary based on the market-specific conditions. This example of TCO shows data that has been derived from the Irish importer and serves for informational purposes only.